What we do?

We are the best relaxation point in South Florida, we provide multiple services to take care of yourself and relax, (we said that before right?...). BAREHANDSPA is the one stop place to be in if you are in for an unforgettable massage, exclusive Skin Care treatments and also the latest and advanced Skin Care products at your service.

Yovana Duarte, Owner and Licensed Therapist and Skin Care Specialist, is one of the best therapist in South Florida, that is why we recommend you to schedule an appointment so that we let our Excellent service and Experience speak for itself. Read more about Yovana.

Some of the services that we offer:

Massage Therapy:

Deep Tissue Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Swedish Massage

Hot Stone Massage
Sport Massage

Lymphatic Drainage
Therapeutic Massage

CranioSacral Therapy
Chair Massage

Skin Care

Deep Facial treatment
Back Facial
Bikini Facial
Microdermabrasion with crystals
(Every facial has extractions)


Signature Facials

Lighter and Brighter
Antiaging (Thermal)
Acne Rescue
Firming Skin
Summer Re-Hydration
Post Operative
Rosacea Rescue
For Him

Addons and Enhancements

Foot Scrub
Body Scrub
Scalp Massage with Oils
Body Mask

Wilma Shumman Retail Products

Visit our store for more in out products

Our Core Values

At BAREHANDSPA, we are very proud of our core, and we hope that you as client share the same values and principles.

We believe that INTEGRITY, INNOVATION and FUN, are the main core values of our organization, we will deliver on our promises, and we will do our best to make you feel at home. We are and will always be innovating and bringing new techniques and ways to reach out to our clients. And we are sure we will have fun doing all of the above mentioned, so we expect you to have fun too.

Who we are?

We are a small company with very big dreams to grow in South Florida, deliver the best service possible to our clients, which are our first priority. We understand that as a client you want to be taken care of, and your needs and expectations are first. We are in this business because we think we have the perfect receipt for great client service and constant innovation in the treatments that we offer.


At BAREHANDSPA, we understand that this business is very competitive and there are many places out there that offer many services. Initially we will offer a small portfolio of signature services, with our own techniques for improved results. Our Therapists and Estheticians have developed and perfection multiple original protocols tailored to our client needs.

What is expected from us?

Initially we will start small and the idea is to expand our brand organically,  always keep investing into new treatments and techniques so that our therapists can excel with you as a client.