The Best Massage Therapy In Plantation Florida

Hi I wanted to give a special Thank You to all of our clients, and to our community in Plantation Florida, Barehandspa continues to strive and provide the best Massage Therapy and Skin Care services in Plantation Florida.

In this post new post I want to touch briefly in queues and things to know before you look for a Massage Therapist.

We all know that a massage has great benefits, it helps relieve stress, pain and help us to relax and forget about the day to day… Hummm, just right now I’m thinking about traffic, who doesn’t want to get a massage after a long commute, or after a stressful day at work. Its all possible.

Know what is the reason you want a massage

In case you need help deciding a good reason to have a massage, here are some queues:

- if You are an athlete, a massage to help your bodyremove the toxins and lactic acid, which is the result of working out

- After a surgery you may need post operation therapy with ultrasound and lymphatic drainage to help you heal faster

- You have pain in an area of your body? a trigger point therapy is great help, but is important to understand if you have a temporary tension or a chronic one, which will be different in many cases. Your therapist will help you decided which treatment is best in your situation

- As mentioned before, a great massage just to relax

Always look for a highly prepared and trained Massage Therapist

- There are many Massage Therapists, look for a Licensed Massage Therapist

- One thing that I consider is worth looking is how prepared is the therapist

- Look at the specializations your therapist currently holds (This one is important)

Now how do you go about looking for the best therapist?

- Ask your friends and family, they may know someone that can help, trust their advise

- Looking in Google is difficult, you will have to try different options until you get the one 😃 Lots of business pay a lot to be in the first page but that doesn’t mean that its always the best place

- Try therapists and keep trying until you find me 😉 !!!! (JK) or until you find the right one for you!

- Keep their number in your cellphone, don’t be afraid to ask

Massage is a beautiful thing and a very interesting career to be in, there are many out there, but you will feel who really is passionate about Massage Therapy.

There is a saying along Massage Therapists and Patients around the world and it goes as this “Once you find your therapist, you will never want to let go of him or her…” which I found to be very true

About the Author: Yovana Duarte, with more than 5 years of experience in the Skin Care, and Massage Therapy, Yovana has develop and implemented different protocols for every therapy and Skin care service she provides. By mixing different techniques from her previous experiences and studies. Yovana is one of the best Therapist and Esthetician in South Florida. Yovana continues her studies in new advanced techniques to be able to provide the latest in Massage Therapy and Skin Care.

Yovana holds the following licenses:
Licensed Massage Therapist # MA69983
Facial Specialist # FB9743431
Body Wrapper # BW6837